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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the last week of eats

I am lazy, and for this I apologise. The main reason for lack of posts has been reluctance to sign up to google blogger, but after the last week or so of great eating, I knew I couldn't put it off for any longer.


I finally went and tried The Press Club. I've been dying to do it ever since they opened, and even though a group of friends went a while ago, they went the day before my payday, and there was just no way I could do it. So I dragged my two besties out and pampered them with fine dining.

My thoughts: Saginaki martinis have got to be about the best things in the known universe.
Fetta cheese as dessert only works if you eat it in the same mouthful as the watermelon.
Just some of the best food I've eaten in general. I should have done this closer to actually eating there, I'm sorry.

Also finally tried Rumi. Considering I've always seen Lebanese food as yummy, not particularly fancy, more about the home-style feed, it was a bit of a revelation. Liz and I are heading back for breakfast soon, and I'm not sure what to expect but i'm looking forward to it. The burgul crusted calamari was amazing.

New fave pizza joint: Spelt on Bridge Road. I was there for lunch on the day it opened, on the strength of the menu that's been sitting in their window for a while. Duck pizza? Hell yes! Pizza, pasta, risotto etc, all made with healthy (and tasty) spelt flour (not the risottos, duh), and with great and unusual combinations. I will be back. I reccomend you try it.

I also made a great lasagne that I will post the recipe for once I get better at quantities.


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